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Family Holidays Tarot Oracle Reading
Tarot Readings
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This holiday season could be full of joy or triggers as we spend time with our families. Let's get a sense AHEAD OF TIME of what you can expect around the dinner table this year so you can feel safe and enjoy your Diwali, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas or Kwanzaa.

Perfect for...
❄️Getting insight on what they're thinking of you and your dynamic with them
🕯️Grounding in preparation for the events of the season
☕Recovering from challenging interactions with family or in-laws

Thank you for choosing me to be your reader. I look forward to sharing your possiblities with you!

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💫No matter the topic, my readings are relaxed, inspiring, and fun! I inherited my gifts from my mother's side of my family. I'm also highly intuitive and have studied the Rider Waite-Smith tarot system.

✨Also makes for a unique gift for your best female friends and the cherished women in your family!

***SAME-DAY readings are delivered within 24 hours. ***

For RECORDED VIDEO ORDERS, you'll get a message from me with a link to your reading that you can download and keep.

For PHONE or ZOOM ORDERS, use the personalization section when you order to enter 2 choices for a time that you'd like to meet and I'll send you the info for you to call me! After our session I'll send you a picture of your cards with a reminder of the main message from your reading.

Must be 18 or older.

*No pregnancy predictions, health or legal-related advice, or outcomes.

*Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only and do not constitute legal, medical, psychological or financial advice.

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